Are potatoes still good if they are soft?


In this article, we will answer the question “are potatoes still good if they are soft” and discuss answers to other related questions like can you eat soft potatoes and how to store potatoes.

Are potatoes still good if they are soft? 

Yes, potatoes are still good if they are soft. So, can you eat soft potatoes? Yes, you can. You can eat soft potatoes if they aren’t overly soft and wrinkled, aren’t mouldy and have no green colour. If potatoes start to show eyes or any small impurities, you can simply remove them for safe cooking. 

Can you eat potatoes when they are soft? 

Depending on how soft they are, the answer to this question is yes. If you’ve found some soft potatoes in the bag, take them out and investigate whether they are edible are not.  

If there is no mould on your potatoes or they have no off-putting smell then they are safe to eat and you won’t get sick from enjoying your spuds a little on the softer side. 

It’s important to note that as they are not at their best quality once they get to this point.

You can use soft potatoes for making a mash, a baked or twice baked potato, or you can throw them in a soup. 

Since their flavour may not be optimal, you should flavour them with some butter, salt, and a few fresh or dried herbs.

What about really soft potatoes?

You should toss away your potatoes if they are soft and started to shrivel and shrink. 

At this point, the potato has started to lose a lot of water and, while not dangerous, but not cook well and may have an unpleasant taste. 

Can you eat green potatoes? 

When your potatoes start to turn green that is a sign that they have been exposed to light and produce the green pigment called chlorophyll. 

Along with chlorophyll, there is often another compound called solanine.

While there isn’t a huge amount in potatoes, solanine is a potentially toxic alkaloid that can cause digestive trouble and inflammation in large quantities. 

Most of the solanine is located directly under the potato skin, which means it is mostly removed once peeled. 

If one potato in the bag is rotten, should I throw away the rest?

When you open your potatoes bag and realise some of them look like they’ve gone bad.

At that moment you can face an unpleasant, somewhat fishy smell and found visible signs of black, green, or blue mould

If only one or two of the potatoes in the bag are rotten then you can throw away those and move the rest of them to a clean paper bag or box.

But if you open the bag found spots of mould or liquid throughout the entire package then you should throw them all away. 

Can you eat potatoes that have sprouted eyes? 

Little growths that stem from which new potato plants can grow are the sprouted eyes. 

Yes, you can eat potatoes that have eyes. If you store potatoes in a warm environment then potatoes tend to sprout their eyes.

You can simply remove the eye sprout with the help of a peeler and you can enjoy your potato meal. 

When the potatoes eyes grow longer than it is better for you to toss them away or you can plant them in a garden. 

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Should I refrigerate my potatoes?

No, you should not refrigerate your potatoes. In refrigerators, the potatoes starch convert to sugar, which can make your potatoes sweeter.

The conversion of starch into sugar ruins the flavour and can cause the potato to turn brown once cooked. 

A few other vegetables and fruits that shouldn’t be kept in the fridge include:

  • Sweet potatoes 
  • Onions 
  • Garlic 
  • Tomatoes- refrigerating whole, ripe tomatoes can impact their flavour and texture, turning them mushy. 
  • Cucumbers 
  • Winter Squashes 
  • Bananas- refrigeration can turn their peel brown prematurely and impact their texture. 

How should I store my potatoes?

You should store your potatoes in a cool and dry place. This is the best way to store potatoes. Avoid heat and moisture it can cause them to sprout, also increases spoilage.

You have to find a suitable place at home for storage. You can store potatoes in a dark drawer away from my stove where they still get some air circulation.

You should transfer your potatoes to an unsealed paper bag or box, and allow airflow to prevent spoiling. 

If you have an insulated shed, that might be a great place to store your potatoes over winter as they like a temperature of around 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal preservation. 

Do not remove the dirt off because this dirt can also help extend its shelf life. If you want to get creative you can store your potatoes with an apple. 

According to, the ethylene gas from the apple can help prevent premature sprouting and extend the life of your spud. Onions emit a gas that can cause potatoes to ripen and spoil, so find a separate spot for these veggies in your pantry. 

Now that you know the best ways to store your potatoes for longer shelf life and that soft potato is safe to eat, it’s time to get into the kitchen.


In this article, we answered the question “are potatoes still good if they are soft” and discussed answers to other related question like can you eat soft potatoes and how to store potatoes.