Are Kamado Grills Worth It?

In this short article, we will answer the question, “Are Kamado Grills Worth It?” with an in-depth analysis of Kamado grills, the advantages of buying a kamado grill, and things to look for when buying a kamado grill.

Are Kamado Grills Worth It?

Yes, kamado grills are worth buying. Because there are a lot of advantages of a kamado grill. They are efficient with fuel, the food cooked on kamado grills is flavorful. Although kamado grills are very expensive, they are durable and last a long time so they are worth the money.

Advantages Of Buying A Kamado Grill:

Let’s take a close look at some of the incredible advantages of kamado grills.

Heat Retention:

One of the easiest advantages to understand about Kamado grills is their insulation value and heat retention. That’s basically like a heat sponge with their thick ceramics they absorb the heat well. It’s slow to leave the other side of it.

So it works by retaining heat and refracting it back to the cooked objects. It’s just a super advantage of kamado cooking.

Steady Even Heat:

Again heat sponges, slowly uptake all the heat according to their set amount, depending on the mass and the type of ceramics. Then this heat is radiated evenly and slowly to the food. That is another incredible advantage of the kamado grill.

Fuel Efficiency:

It matters because you can put one load of charcoal and never have to add more for several hours. That doesn’t happen in a regular charcoal grill. But with the kamado grill, you require less fuel. Because of the refractories and the steady heat retention.

The way that it gives heat to the food, makes it fuel-efficient.

Cooking Versatility: 

You can sear, smoke low and slow, barbecue, grill, high heat sear, medium sear medium. Whatever you want to do, it doesn’t matter. Kamados do it all, almost perfectly. There is not much you can’t do on a kamado grill.

Less Moisture Loss: 

When it comes to grilling, one of the best in the game is having low moisture loss in the commodity. You may not think it matters but if you are doing a large roast or a brisket.

You do not want it to come dry. For that purpose, moisture retention is what you need. Kamado grills are some of the best in business.


The modern kamado is made out of refractory materials, not basic ceramics. These things are very fine materials. They are technically space-age. If well taken care of, they last a very long time.

The other important thing in this aspect is that kamados have an aluminum cast that lasts practically forever.

Easy To Clean:

Once you fire them up it burns off everything on the inside. So it is quite easy because it cleans itself. And that is a great advantage

Incredible Flavor:

The flavor just gets better and better with every meal. With kamado grills, every meal is better than your last. Because the walls get good and seasoned and the flavor goes into each next meal.

Buying Guide:

Let’s have a look at the main things to consider when trying to find your perfect kamado.

Kamado Material:

There are two types of materials, ceramic kamados, and metal kamados.

Ceramic Kamados:

Kamados made out of ceramic are the traditional ones. Ceramics are great at absorbing and re-radiating the heat very evenly back to the food that’s inside the chamber. That gives rise to the next question. Do ceramic kamados break easily? The answer is No, not really.

But, if you were to knock over your kamado it would probably break or at least crack. If you slam the lid hard it might crack.

Heating and cooling cycles sometimes can cause some micro-fractures within the units. But all in all, if really good care is taken these things last an extremely long time.

Metal kamados:

Metal kamados can be a little lighter than some of the ceramic versions. They’re certainly very durable and probably more durable than most ceramics. You have to keep in mind the downside.

If you are going with a steel version over time if not properly cared for certainly could rust. However, a cast aluminum kamado will never rust.


There are oval kamados and a round-type kamado.

Round kamado

Round kamados or these standard egg-shaped kamados are very well known for radiating heat towards that center point. They have that natural conductive shape and it all just works together to cook the food perfectly.

Oval kamado:

Now with an oval kamado, basically they cook about the same as with a traditional shape kamado. But the key feature here is it makes it a lot easier to put the divider down the center.

It allows having dual zone cooking with an oval shape kamado. They’re also good for really large odd-shaped whole turkeys or things like that. 


Kamado grills are perfect for almost every type of food and it’s convenient and easy to cook with them. Even though kamado grills are expensive, but they are worth every penny.


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