Are Instant Pots Worth It?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query,” Are Instant Pots Worth It?” and will discuss what an instant pot is and how it functions.

Are Instant Pots Worth It?

Yes, instant pots are worth it. The comparatively low price of Instant Pots makes them well worth the relatively tiny stage. Instant Pots handle numerous culinary chores quickly and easily clean up. In addition to sautéing and slow cooking, they can also use pressure cookers, bake, and make yogurt. However, and perhaps most significantly, they save time for the end-user.

What are instant pots and how do they work?

One of the first electric pressure cooker brands to be offered in North America was the Instant Pot. However, it’s not simply a pressure cooker in this case. When it comes to cooking, this multicooker excels since it can do so many things at once. Whether you’re making yogurt, sautéing vegetables, or preparing rice, there’s something for everyone. A timer with several settings is included to make cooking a cinch.

The inner pot, cooker base, and cover are all part of the Instant Pot. It is in the inner pot that your meal is cooked. The inner pot is held in place by the cooker base. It’s also where the heating element and all of the electrical components are located. Because of the lid’s locking mechanism, you can’t open it when the pressure is on.

Pressure is generated within the pot while using an Instant Pot by applying pressure to a tight-fitting lid. When the temperature is above the boiling point, steam is generated that cannot be let out. Food cooks considerably more quickly in the steam oven than it would on the stovetop or in a conventional oven. Because of this, you may use an Instant Pot to prepare meals that would normally take hours to prepare.

What are the advantages of using an Instant Pot?

Cooking under pressure, particularly with an Instant Pot, may save you a significant amount of time. It may save your cooking time by as much as 70%!  Why? Because high heat and pressure cook food more quickly.

Many other kitchen equipment may be replaced with an Instant Pot. If you’d like, you may use it as a slow cooker. However, Instant Pots may also be used to cook rice, make yogurt, or steam vegetables. Fortunately, there are many models from which to select. As a result, no matter whether you’re cooking for one person or a big family, there’s a size available.

However, one of the best features of the Instant Pot is the ability to cook directly from frozen food. It’s okay if I forget to remove the roast from the freezer. It’s simple enough to throw in the Instant Pot on the go. Yes, the cooking time will be longer, but the thawing time will be much less. 

They’re also very simple to use. There will be instructions on how to use the timer in the recipe. Toss the ingredients into the pot, cover it, and turn the dial to the temperature you want. Then just walk away after setting the timer. It will automatically shut off after it’s finished cooking so your food won’t burn. 

How long can you expect your Instant Pot to survive before needing to be replaced?

After all, Instant Pot was among the earliest electric pressure cookers out there, so it’s had plenty of time to get it just right. This is a big, hefty piece of equipment constructed with high-quality components. For regular home usage, Instant Pot provides a one-year limited guarantee against faults and workmanship. Other than that, it’s unclear how long users may expect their Instant Pots to survive.

The machine’s silicone lid ring has most likely the lowest lifespan of all its components. It is the most heavily used component and should be swapped out at least once every two years. It’s a good thing that sealing rings aren’t too expensive to repair.

The stainless steel used in the inner pot ensures that it will endure for many years. These long-lasting components are a sure sign of a high-quality design. While Instant Pot does not provide an estimated product lifespan, I would expect your Instant Pot to last between five and 10 years. However, my Crock-Pots have lasted twice as long, so I wouldn’t be surprised if my Instant Pots do as well.

To extend the life of your machine, follow the manufacturer’s care recommendations. 

Is a pressure cooker the same as an Instant Pot?

Yes and no, a multi-cooker, the Instant Pot is particularly excellent at pressure cooking. It’s a high-pressure electric cooker. It’s not the same as the pressure cooker your folks used on the cooktop.

Pressure cookers that you use on the stovetop are considerably more difficult to use. A heavy-duty stainless-steel pot is used to cook the food. Because of its size, it may be used as a simple stockpot. They resemble turkey timers in that they have locking lids and a red pop-up timer in the lid.

Electric pressure cookers cook at a lower temperature and pressure than stovetop pressure cookers, which are used for canning. This is a far more affordable alternative to an Instant Pot, although it still lacks many of the same features.

In addition, using a stovetop pressure cooker is more complicated. You can’t simply press a few buttons and walk away from them; they need more care. Even with Instant Pots, you must be there to let the pressure go down. It’s a little like using a slow cooker in that it’s hands-off, but it’s still not recommended.

They’re excellent for those who are more experienced in the kitchen. No, it’s not for the average home cook. As opposed to electric pressure cookers, stovetop pressure cookers do not include any electronic or computer components. The Instant Pot, with appropriate care, may last up to ten years. Stovetop pressure cookers are built to endure for decades or even centuries.


In this brief guide, we answered the query,” Are Instant Pots Worth It?” and will discuss what an instant pot is and how it functions.


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