Are hot pockets safe to eat now?

This brief article will answer if hot pockets are safe for consumption. We will also answer what hot pockets are, how to prepare them, what are the previous recalls, factors that influence their safety, and what regulations are in place to enhance food safety. 

Are hot pockets safe to eat?

Hot pockets are safe for consumption.  This is after the expiry of the previously recalled 763,000 pounds of hot pockets by Nestle and FSIS in January 2021. 

These batches expired in February 2022 as per Nestle specifications and  have a supposed shelf life of 14 months. 

What are hot pockets?

Hot pockets are frozen pastries containing pepperoni, cheese, meat, or vegetable toppings. The first hot pocket was made in 1983 but was patented on 20/04/2022 by Chef America Inc. and produced by Nestle. 

The gross sales of hot pockets in 2010 grossed over 610 million which later developed to .. in 2020.

What are the previous recalls/cases?

The first case was in January 2021 when 763,000 pounds of hot pockets were recalled by Nestle in conjunction with FSIS. FSIS(food safety and inspection service) is under the United States Department for Agriculture.

The recall was initiated by four claims. The consumers claimed that the hot pockets had been contaminated by the glass and hard plastics. 

According to food safety, this is classified as a high-risk hazard since it causes lacerations and is rid of choking the consumer.

Several batches recalled in early 2021 had the following serial codes 0318544624, 0319544614, 0320544614, and 0321544614. Most of them had an expiry period starting in February 2022. 

How does one prepare hot pockets at home?

They are prepared by microwaving or preparing from scratch. For microwaving the ready-made hot pockets you should;

  • Place the frozen hot pockets from the box into the crisping sleeves.
  • The crisping sleeves are placed on a microwave-safe plate for 2-4 minutes. This period varies as to the wattage of the microwave and the number of pockets microwaved. 
  • After 4 minutes, they are cooked through and are ready for consumption.

Hot pockets are sold as ready-made foods that are frozen. Freezing helps avoid the growth of microbial contaminants which precipitate in food rotting/going bad. That makes hot pockets easily preparable foods by microwaving. 

Hot pockets are bought and ordered from Nestle.

Love having fun and nice challenges in the kitchen and exercising your culinary skills? You can prepare the hot pockets yourself. 

Several recipes help you in preparing delicious yummy hot pockets. For various recipes, you can visit here, and for a video, illustration watch this here

What are the factors that influence the safety of hot pockets?

They include extensive quality control by producers and good culinary skills.

Quality control.

Quality control is a section in the company that deals with maintaining and ensuring the company’s product is up to standard and is adherent to the safety standards set by the government. They are responsible for issuing a recall of faulty products and refunds.

This section is liable for customer complaints and for gathering sample feedback and possible improvement on future products. 

The quality control section of Nestle was responsible for the recall and identification of the batches contaminated by the glasses and hard plastics.

Good culinary skills.

It is a combination of safe and quality cooking skills. They must be of proper hygiene in handling ingredients of hot pockets to handle the hot pockets. 

They also involve strict adherence to the required temperature standards. For ready-made hot pockets, the recommended temperature for microwaving is 165℉, ensuring proper thawing of the hot pockets while cooking. 

What regulations are in place to safeguard consumers from contaminated hot pockets/other products?

The United States government ensures that each food processing industry has a quality control section. The products also undergo a vetting process to ensure they are safe for consumption. 

The USDA has set up the FSIS that implements the food safety acts. The safety acts are the federal meat inspection act, poultry products inspection act, egg production inspection act, and humane methods of slaughtering act. 


In this brief article, we have answered if hot pockets are safe for consumption. We have also answered what are hot pockets, how to prepare them, what their previous recalls are, factors that influence their safety, and what regulations have been put in place to enhance their safety.