Are hedge apples safe to eat?

In this brief article we will answer the questions, are hedge apples safe to eat, what are hedge apples, and also what they are used for. We will also explore how to grow hedge apples.

Are hedge apples safe to eat?

Hedge apples are not safe for consumption. They do not pose a health threat but their unpalatability makes them inedible.

They have a bitter sour taste when ingested. They are also referred to as Osage oranges. In the early days, Osage trees were used as hedges in livestock farming. 

What are hedge apples?

These are the fruits of the hedge apple tree. The apple tree is a shrub that is between 8-15 meters tall. The fruit is also referred to as osage orange and horse apple.  

They are imperfect spheres and bumpy. They are dioecious plants and the leaves are arranged alternately. 

The hedge apple is green in color and excretes a white latex when sliced. They are 7.5 centimeters in radius and are yellow in color when ripe. Its scientific name is Maclura pomifera. 

They produce a latex substance when cut and are useful in repelling bugs. 

What are the uses of hedge apples?

They contain allelopathic chemicals that make them bitter to animals and also repel bugs. They contain oil that is extracted and is used in repelling insects and bugs such as spiders. 

Hedge apple trees are used in making bows. This is because of their hardy nature and curve rate. 

Due to their allelopathic traits, they are used in fencing and building. They repel bugs and insects hence they are rot free. They also possess medicinal value. The roots are used to make potions that are used in treating sore eyes. 

They are also used as hedges. This is because the shoots that emerge each year grow to heights of 1-2 meters. 

How to grow hedge apples?

Hedge apples prefer deep and fertile soils. Since they are not edible they are used for timber and construction. 

They are mainly prevalent in the southwest United States. They also tolerate harsh climates and weather with no infestation by pathogens. 

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In this brief article, we have answered the questions, are hedge apples safe to eat, what are hedge apples, and also what they are used for. We have also explored how to grow hedge apples.


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