Are haw flakes safe to eat?

In this brief article, we will answer if haw flakes are safe to eat, what they are, their nutrient composition, varieties, uses,  and previous cases of regulations. 

Are haw flakes safe to eat?

Haw flakes are safe to eat. They contain a lot of sugar and may not be pleasant to people who don”t intake sugar. They are packaged as candy and are very popular in Asia. 

What are haw flakes?

Haw flakes are sweets made from mashed berries of the hawthorn plant (Crataegus pinnatifida). They are dark pink. 

Hawthorn plants are prominent in China, they are small to medium-size trees with bright red berries. They are available in the Asian local markets and various online stores. 

Haw flakes are disc-shaped and are packaged in a cylindrical pack. The pack bears a resemblance to the Chinese fireworks. They have a rough surface and once wet, they are sticky and gooey. 

What are the varieties of haw flakes?

There are three varieties: 

  • Gourmet haw flakes – they are large measuring an average of 37mm in diameter. 
  • Shandong haw flakes. They are smaller in size measuring about 25mm in diameter.
  • Low sugar additive free haw flakes. They are developed in China to promote a healthy lifestyle. They differ in color from dark pink to beige to reddish-brown. 

What are the various uses of haw flakes?

They serve as condiments that are eaten or taken with bitter herbs and tea in Asian countries. This is mostly in China. The amount of sugar contained in haw flakes helps in easing the bitterness of the herbs and medicine.

They are also consumed as plain candy as a treat to children. Children love their cylindrical shape and their sweetness. Due to its popularity among children, they are referred to as sahn sah ban. 

What are the previous cases of regulation?

Haw flakes have been regularly seized by the Food and Drug Administration. They were seized because they contained various food colorings that are not approved. These are Allura Red Ac and Ponceau 4R

These artificial colorings are banned in several countries such as Denmark, France, Switzerland, and the United States. They are not safe for consumption, mostly for children. 

Artificial colorings are synthetic chemicals used on foods to make them appealing to consumers, they are mainly found in drinks and sweets. 

What is the nutrient composition of haw flakes?

Ingredient Quantity 
Carbohydrates 10g
Sugar 5g
Iron 0.2mg


In this brief article, we have answered if haw flakes are safe to eat, what they are, their nutrient composition, varieties, uses,  and previous cases of regulations.