Are hard avocados safe to eat?

In this brief article, we will answer the questions if hard avocados are safe to eat, what avocados are, how they are grown, what their benefits are, and how to prepare them. We will also answer what avocados are used for. 

Are hard avocados safe to eat?

Yes, hard avocados are safe to eat. Hard avocados are due to them being unripe. Unripe avocados can be eaten but they lack the sliminess and are not as soft as ripe ones. Avocados are green fruits that are quite rich in fats. 

What are avocados?

Avocados are horticultural fruits that are green and are mostly found in tropical areas. When ripe they may maintain the green color or turn to black. 

This depends on the variety available. Its scientific name is Persea americana. It originated in the regions of Guatemala.  

Avocados are self-pollinated and are often propagated through grafting.  They are angiosperms. They have been widely farmed all over the world in tropical climates. They are mainly divided into two species. They are subtropical and tropical species.

How are avocados cultivated?

sub tropical species are capable of growing with temperatures from -6.5℃. Avocados require a lot of water and rainfall for growth at an average of 238l/kg of production. Most farms use cultivars and grafting to shorten the period for growing avocados.

The following steps are followed during the production of avocado trees till fruition:

  • The seeds are gathered and prepared for sprouting. They are wrapped in damp tissue paper and are placed in conditions with temperatures ranging from 21°C. They are left to stay and are frequently observed to see sprouting. 
  • After observing sprouting, the planting areas are prepared. A pit is dug and the soil is mixed properly with manure/compost. The pit is watered to be humid and the sprouted seed is then planted. The seed is frequently watered to prevent it from drying. 
  • If planted in a peat pot, the sprouted seed is planted directly and is frequently watered to prevent it from drying out. 

Avocados do take 8-15 years before maturity. When they grow to a height of 30 centimeters some of the leaves are plucked out to encourage bushiness.

How to prepare avocados for consumption?

Avocados are fruits that can be eaten on the go. The first step towards preparing them is by washing the outer skin. 

Once they are clean, the skin is removed and the fruit can be prepared into a salad, it can be blended to give us juice and it can be used as a condiment to supplement the main dish. 

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What are the uses of avocados?

They serve as supplements that supply the body with fatty acids, oils, roughage, and omega 3. These supplemented elements are highly essential to people who have a habit of fasting mostly dry and wet fasting. This helps them supplement them with enough energy to continue their fast.

Avocados are also used to make lotions that are applied to the skin. Due to the oils present, the lotions aid the skin in healing and getting rid of acne. 

Avocados also contain huge amounts of ethylene which helps in promoting fruit ripeness. When unripe avocados are placed together with other unripe fruits they tend to initiate the ripening of the other fruits. 

Avocado leaves, bark, and seeds also help in treating conditions such as toothaches. 

What are the benefits of using avocados?

They are a good source of high-density lipoproteins that are the building blocks of natural cholesterol. 

Cholesterol aids the body as an element that is used in the building of cell walls. It also helps the body in making plaques that act as a shield from the entry of germs into the wound. 

It also helps the body in easing off osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is an immune condition in which the body attacks the Sylvian discs making them dry. 

Avocados help in reducing these immune responses by the provision of ASU which are defined as avocado soybean unsaponifiables. ASU is obtained as extracts from avocados and soybeans. 


In this brief article, we have answered the questions if hard avocados are safe to eat, what avocados are, how they are grown, what their benefits are, and how to prepare them. We have also answered what avocados are used for.