Are Egg Whites Vegetarian?

This article answers the question, “Are Egg Whites Vegetarian?” with details about different types of vegetarianism, why some vegetarians avoid eggs and others do not as well as substitute food for egg white.

Are Egg Whites Vegetarian?

Yes, egg whites are vegetarian. It contains no creature cell henceforth, egg whites are vegan. And all items containing egg whites are also vegetarian. Eggs contain three sections, the shell, the egg whites, white, and the yolk. The egg white is a suspension of the protein called albumin, in water.

Vegetarian Not Vegan

Although egg whites are vegetarian but not vegan. That means vegetarians can enjoy egg whites and the foods in which egg white is used but vegans cannot eat egg whites or such products. That is because vegans are supposed to avoid all products produced by animals or animal exploitations.

Vegans believe that in the farms the reproductive system of hens is manipulated for productive gains. Hens are raised under poor circumstances while they lay eggs. When hens start laying fewer eggs they are slaughtered and sold as chicken.

Vegetarianism And Its Types

A vegan diet is characterized as a routine wherein individuals avoid eating meat, fish, and poultry. Some of them might keep away from meat and fish in any structure incorporating dishes made with chicken stock.

Cheddar made with flesh rennet, food sources made with fish sauce and confections, or desserts made with gelatin. For other individuals, items like milk and eggs fall inside a vegan diet.

However, there is still much debate about how to be a vegetarian properly, especially for beginners. And one of the common concerns is whether eating eggs is vegetarian or not.

Types Of Vegetarianism

So it’s important to understand different types of vegetarians.

Flexitarian or semi-vegetarian

Most of their diet is vegetarian but they do consume meat occasionally. They consume eggs without restrictions.


These people abstain from all animal meat but fish eggs are okay with some Pescatarian. While they are completely omitted by others.

Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian

This is considered the most common form of vegetarianism in which people avoid animal flesh but allow consumption of dairy and eggs.


Vegans don’t consume any animal-derived products including dairy and eggs.

Why Do Some Vegetarians Avoid Egg?

To help explain why anyone who fits into these categories may or may not eat eggs. It’s important to take a step back and explore some of the reasons why people choose a vegetarian diet in the first place.

For each concern, there are reasons that many vegetarians still find eggs as an acceptable food. Although some may say that eggs are vegetarian they are not vegan.

Indians consider eggs as meat and some vegetarians will remove them from their diets. Religious practice affects this concern too.

Vegan Hindus and the people who have come to vegetarianism from a Hindu foundation consider eggs to be meat. They do not eat them while most Westerners believe that eggs are vegetarian.

Many Easterners do not agree with the view that eggs come from chickens and how they can be vegetarian.

Why Are Eggs Considered Vegetarian?

The principal clarification is that hens and other female fowl can lay eggs that are fertilized and unfertilized eggs. A few vegans have moral issues with eating eggs since they accept that this annihilates the existence of a developing creature.

In reality, egg-laying hens are kept separate from roosters of all times; this almost eliminates the possibility that the roosters will impregnate the hens.

As such practically all commercially sold eggs are unfertilized and thus are vegetarian. Then again going vegetarian is to try not to devour butchered animals. Chickens don’t have to die to lay eggs. So eating them is okay for vegetarians.

What About Health Concerns?

If you are taking up a vegetarian diet to reduce your fat consumption or lower your cholesterol, eating eggs isn’t a good idea. According to the American Heart Association, adults should eat no more than four eggs per week.

While the Australian Heart Foundation recommends they can consume up to six eggs per week. But if you want to reduce your fat or cholesterol intake you should cut down on eggs in your daily meals.

Vegans ought to acquire protein from plant sources including vegetables, soy items, grains, nuts, and seeds. Eggs and dairy items likewise be a protein source for those who are on a Lacto-Ovo vegan diet.

Egg Substitute For Vegans

There are commercial egg substitutes, vegan milk replacements, and dairy substitutes available in many convenience stores. They even offer vegan Easter egg substitutes as well. Aquafaba, the best egg white substitute.

As aquafaba is the only right substitute for vegan. In fact, by opting for aquafaba you’ll be helping to reduce food waste.


In this short article, we have answered the question, “Are egg whites vegetarian?”  with details about different types of vegetarianism, why some vegetarians avoid eggs and others do not as well as substitute food for egg white.


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