Are dumplings safe to eat while pregnant?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question, “Are dumplings safe to eat while pregnant?”.  We will discuss in-depth the risks of eating dumplings while pregnant. We will also look at the types of dumplings you must avoid while pregnant and share some safety tips on eating dumplings.

Are dumplings safe to eat while pregnant?

Yes, it is safe to eat dumplings in moderation while pregnant. Dumplings or Momos, along with other Chinese cuisines, are frequently on a pregnant woman’s food cravings list. These small savory dough balls filled with meat, fish, cheese, or veggies are tasty and safe for a pregnant woman to eat now and then when cravings strike.

What are the risks of eating dumplings while pregnant?

Dumplings have some risks for pregnant women. To be on the safe side. Eat them only in moderation.

High in salt: Most Chinese dishes have a high salt level, so be cautious. Preeclampsia might develop if you consume too much salt during your pregnancy. 

High in calories: Because momos or dumplings are frequently produced by deep-frying the dough balls, they can be heavy in calories. 

Contains MSG: Another source of worry is the presence of MSG, or monosodium glutamate, in Chinese cuisine. MSG is found naturally in some foods such as tomatoes and cheese, but too much of it can be harmful. In addition to nausea, perspiration, and heart palpitations, MSG induced nausea, sweating, and irregular heartbeat in pregnant women.

If you’re eating Chinese food at a restaurant, ask for your dish to be prepared without MSG, with little to no oil, and with a very light soy sauce. 

Chance of food-borne illness: If you’ve ordered meat or fish dumplings, make sure they’re served hot to avoid contracting food poisoning.

Can I eat all kinds of dumplings while pregnant?

No. There are many varieties of dumplings with different types of fillings. While pregnant you must avoid certain types of dumplings to be on the safe side. Here are some types of dumplings that are not safe for pregnant women.

Dumplings stuffed with spinach: Many pregnant women prefer to eat a vegetarian diet, and a light, vegetarian diet is fine throughout pregnancy. But too much spinach can be a problem.  Although some spinach is high in nutrients, too much oxalic acid can harm embryonic growth.

Dumplings filled with fungus: The black fungus is used to prepare vegetarian fillings as a refreshing dish. Fungus stuffed dumplings are a very flavorful dish, but fungi have the impact of stimulating the blood. If a pregnant woman is experiencing bleeding, she should stay away from any fungus fillings.

Dumplings stuffed with horseshoes: Water chestnuts, often known as horseshoes, are a traditional Chinese vegetable. It is not good for expectant moms, despite its high nutritional value. This meal is chilly in nature, and it can easily produce uterine contractions. This is very dangerous to pregnant women and their fetuses.

What are the safety tips on eating dumplings while pregnant?

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind while eating dumplings.

Steam, don’t fry

When it comes to dumplings, we can notice that frying them wastes a lot of nutrients and makes them taste poor because dumplings containing more veggies and less meat are often easier to dissolve. 

You can use both the boiling and steaming methods, with the boiling approach being better for stuffed foods with more meat. To avoid increased fat intake, avoid frying, frying, and other cooking methods.

Less meat, more veggies, and less oil

Because fatty meat is used as the stuffing, if you add extra vegetable oil for seasoning, the fat content of the dumplings surpasses the limit, and the cholesterol level of the dumplings also exceeds the health guidelines. 

The stuffing should ideally be lean meat. If the flavor is satisfactory, leave out the vegetable oil. If you think the food is lacking in flavor and aroma, and it is truly unpleasant, add a small amount of vegetable oil, but try not to use too much.

Eat everything in moderation

We must not eat too many dumplings, and we must select dumpling fillings that are safe for pregnant women to eat. Otherwise, it’s easy to induce digestive distress, as well as symptoms like gas and stomach discomfort.

Diversify your diet 

The key to a healthy pregnancy diet is a balanced diet. To ensure that the nutrients are balanced, the diet must be as varied as possible, with more high-protein items, as well as more leafy green vegetables and fruits


In this brief guide, we answered the question, “Are dumplings safe to eat while pregnant?”.  We discussed in-depth the risks of eating dumplings while pregnant. We also looked at the types of dumplings you must avoid while pregnant and shared some safety tips on eating dumplings.

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