Are coffee pods instant coffee?

In this brief text we will provide to you the answer to the question: “Are coffee pods instant coffee?”. In addition, we will discuss the differences between coffee beans, coffee powder, instant coffee and coffee pods, and why you should choose each one.

Are coffee pods instant coffee?

No, coffee pods aren’t instant coffee. In fact, coffee pods contain finely-ground coffee inside. Coffee pods is a technology designed to make it easier to prepare espresso coffee at home. 

The coffee is ground and packed inside compartments called capsules, which can be made of aluminum or plastic. Currently, capsules have been developed in other types of non-disposable materials that you can fill with ground coffee and are compatible with the main models of espresso machines in capsule format.

The amount of coffee powder inside the capsules can vary between 5 and 7 grams. This variety depends on the brand, the type of espresso machine and even who is selling the capsules, since coffee producers, coffee shops, among others, are able to produce this type of product in the formats of machines available on the market.

Coffee: beans, powder, instant or pods?

In recent years, the domestic coffee market, in addition to having grown very sharply, has significantly innovated and diversified the way it is presented and available for consumption: in beans, powder and pods. Discover the main benefits and disadvantages of each of them.

Coffee beans

We can say that coffee beans are the most authentic coffee, since the only process to which the beans are subjected, during their journey to the consumer, is roasting. However, to be able to prepare it at home, one of two things is needed: an automatic coffee machine with an integrated grinder, or an independent grinder to grind the coffee before it is placed in an espresso or filter machine.

In this case, the main advantage of coffee beans is the fact that it is the only way to maintain all the properties of coffee without any change in its aroma, flavor and caffeine content. However, if the coffee is ground and not consumed immediately, it must be stored in an airtight container, so that its properties can be fully preserved.

Powder coffee

This is the type of coffee most commonly used for domestic consumption. Ground coffee is ready to be used in any type of coffee machine, with the exception of capsule machines.

Powdered coffee, once it is previously ground, loses some of its antioxidant properties, as well as its aroma and some of its flavor. On the other hand, it allows the extraction of caffeine, which makes it possible to create the “decaffeinated” version.

Its price is more affordable than coffee beans, since demand and supply of this type of coffee are also higher, thus reducing the power of distributors and the price of the product, easily accessible in supermarkets or traditional commerce.

Instant or instant coffee

This was the fastest and most common way to prepare coffee, before the capsule revolution. It only needs water or hot milk to mix with instant coffee, with the advantage of being able to measure the degree of flavor intensity according to the amount of coffee you add. While it may look very similar to ground coffee, there are slight differences.

After grinding, the coffee undergoes a freeze-drying process where it is dehydrated, so that it can then be mixed with water or hot milk. In this process, coffee ends up losing many of its properties, including much of its caffeine content.

Its practicality of consumption is undeniable, but soluble coffee has conquered more and more lovers also for its quality, since since its discovery it has already evolved a lot. Today it is possible to find instant versions made from 100% arabica coffee in the extract’s composition, in which the sensory characteristics of the beans are preserved. As a result, the product is quite similar to fresh coffee in flavor and aroma.

Coffee Pods

The latest great novelty in the coffee consumption market and the most convenient and fastest way to prepare it. Its main benefit is the simplicity and cleanliness of the entire process, in addition to the huge amount of coffee options available, with different levels of intensity, flavor and caffeine.

Several brands followed this revolution and, currently, the offer of coffee capsules is very varied, with other types of options, such as drinks with milk, teas or other types of combinations.


In this brief text we provided to you the answer to the question: “Are coffee pods instant coffee?”. In addition, we discussed the differences between coffee beans, coffee powder, instant coffee and coffee pods, and why you should choose each one.


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