Are chips and salsa vegan? (5 vegan salsa recipes)

In this article, we answer the following question: Are chips and salsa vegan? We also give you 5 vegan salsa recipes, alternatives for the original salsa that you can use as dips for your chips!

Are chips and salsa vegan?

Chips and salsa are vegan as long as the sauce is made with vegetable oil and without meat (which usually is). In the South American world at least, there are many types of salsa and their names differ depending on the ingredients but also the type of cuisine of which the sauce is part.

In general, for salsa are used – whole peeled tomatoes, bell peppers, a large onion, Mexican spices to taste, salt, pepper, cumin, chili, 2-3 cloves of garlic, 2 teaspoons of starch, dissolved in 50 ml water, a teaspoon of vinegar and 3 tablespoons of olive oil.

Some people add minced meat to salsa, but this is not a rule. Thus, chips and salsa are a vegan snack. 

5 Vegan Salsa Recipes

What would we be without our sauces? To dip, to accompany, to spread … The sauces give life and joy to our recipes and appetizers. And it is that we all have a sauce without which it would be inconceivable to eat certain dishes. Russian salad with mayonnaise, black rice with aioli, french fries with ketchup … They couldn’t be without each other.

It is true, however, that sauces are not exactly the most appreciated condiment for nutrients, especially the processed ones that we can find in the supermarket, due to their unhealthy ingredients such as refined oils, excess sugar, or their absence of fiber and excess fat. 

For this reason, today we want to show you some ideas of easy sauces to make at home, with natural, organic, and vegan ingredients and nutritionally balanced. 

Eggplant sauce

Although it may seem foreign to us, the aubergine sauce is a very old recipe in the eastern Mediterranean. It is simply aubergines boiled and mashed with lemon juice, salt, and a little pepper. It is great for dipping raw vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, or celery. Delicious and very healthy!

Honey mustard sauce (no honey)

The mustard and honey sauce is highly appreciated in the north of the Pyrenees and is becoming more and more popular in the US. Its mix of sweet and spicy is unmatched and is ideal to accompany chicken and other roast meats. Unfortunately, honey makes its added sugar content too high and nutritionally undesirable. 

For this reason, we would propose to use the Dijon mustard base and add stevia (liquid or powder) to replace the honey without giving up its sweetness. You can also add lemon juice to enhance the flavor.

A vegan mustard and honey sauce just as tasty as the original and that your body will appreciate.

Carrot mayonnaise without eggs

Follow the original variant of the egg mayonnaise sauce. As easy as cooking, crushing, and letting the carrots cool and, in the same way as the original recipe, add salt, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil little by little until it emulsifies until it reaches the desired consistency.

Just as smooth and creamy and with a hint of sweetness from the carrot, this egg-free mayonnaise will be great for making sandwiches or dipping vegetable tempura.

Lemon tahini

This fresh and Mediterranean sauce is ideal to accompany salads and vegetables. To the tahini (made from sesame seeds) we would add water, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and pepper. We can also optionally add mint leaves to give it even more freshness.

Its high fiber content makes it a very interesting nutritional food that we can incorporate into our diet without fear.

Arrabiata Sauce

This typical Italian sauce will be an ideal complement to your pasta dishes and it won’t take long to make it: you just have to sauté onion, chili, and garlic in olive oil and add tomato cut into squares. When everything is fried, grind it well and that’s it.

As you can see, all the ingredients are fresh and natural and, despite being so simple, the result is spectacular!

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Final thoughts

In this article, we answered the following question: Are chips and salsa vegan? We also gave you 5 vegan salsa recipes, alternatives for the original salsa that you can use as dips for your chips!

Salsa is based on tomatoes, garlic, and other delicious spices, only in very rare cases, it is made with minced meat or eggs. Generally, chips and salsa are vegan and you can enjoy them together. 

If you have any questions or comments on the content, please let us know!