Are cherries a berry?

In this brief guide, we will answer your curiosity about, “are cherries a berry?”. We will also try to elaborate which fruits are actually berries, what is the difference between a cherry and a berry, what kind of fruits are then cherries and what are their health benefits.

Are cherries a berry?

No, cherries are not a berry. A fruit having two or more seeds with fleshy pulp is called, botanically, a berry. Whereas cherries have only one hard seed (like plum and peach) and they fall into a separate category of fruits called drupes or stone fruits.

Drupes produce a single seed surrounded by a stone or hard shell. Hence, also called stone fruits. Some other fruits belonging to the subclass drupes are olives, mangoes, dates, apricots, and peaches. 

Which fruits are berries?

In order to be considered as a berry, a fruit should be developed from an individual flower having a single ovary, and it must contain two or more than two seeds within its fleshy pericarp.

Small fleshy or juicy fruits without stones and entirely edible are called berries such as blueberries and cranberries.

A lot of different questions might have been popping in your head now like are grapes berries? Is watermelon a berry? Are tomatoes a berry? And you would be surprised to know that the answer is yes. These grapes, watermelon, tomato, papaya, banana, and guava, all are berries.

Many fruits commonly called berries like raspberries and blackberries are not berries. They are actually aggregate fruits with many tiny drupes grouped together.

What is the difference between a cherry and a berry?

Cherries and berries both are fruits, but cherries are not berries. Both are entirely fleshy fruits that lack a chore. 

Berries are entirely edible but cherries are not, due to the pit in their center. Cherries have their single seed in the center, while the seeds of berries are in the outside flesh.

The stones or seeds of cherries are considered poisonous due to the presence of hydrogen cyanide in them which can be metabolized into cyanide inside your body. So, you cannot eat cherries as a whole as compared to berries that are entirely edible along with their seeds.

A berry consists of three layers that are fleshy. The first outermost skin is called exocarp, then there is the middle fleshy layer mesocarp, after which the last innermost seed-bearing endocarp is present. We cannot distinguish between the middle and inner layers as they are fleshy.

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What are cherries then and what are their health benefits?

Cherries are our favorite summer fruits that are sweet and round, enriched with antioxidants. The size of the cherries is about the size of strawberries.

Anthocyanins are the most abundant antioxidants found in cherries and they are thought to be the reason why cherries are red. Although, not all cherries have a red color.

There are two varieties of cherries, sweet and sour. And their sourness increases with the intensity in their red color. Sweet cherries are used fresh while sour ones are generally used for baking. 

Cherries are also used in making wines and food preserves. They are wonderfully delicious and nutritious fruits as they are an excellent source of fibers, vitamins, and antioxidants. They are mainly used as toppings for frosting ice cream and desserts.

Cherries have medical importance as well:

  • Cherry tree resins were used to treat gouts or kidney stones or as a cough syrup and chewing gum in the past
  • Anti-inflammatory properties of anthocyanins help you to protect against cardiovascular diseases as well as various chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes
  • They help to reduce muscle pain and inflammation either due to arthritis or gout or a strenuous exercise
  •  Eating cherries aids you to have a healthy sleep


In this brief guide, we tried our best to answer your query, “are cherries a berry?”. We also elaborated which fruits are actually berries, what is the difference between a cherry and a berry, what kind of fruits are cherries and what are their health benefits.



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