Are cheerios safe to eat in 2022?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “Are cheerios safe to eat in 2022?” as well as the risks and benefits of consuming cheerios.

Are cheerios safe to eat in 2022?

Yes, cheerios are safe to eat in 2022. It is though important to note that long-term cheerios consumption would not be safe. This is because cheerios have been speculated to contain high levels of Glyphosate which is a weed killer.

Glyphosate has been shown to increase the risk of developing cancer according to various studies. There is no definitive research on whether cheerios can cause cancer. The levels of glyphosate are also too low in cheerios to cause an issue as well.

However, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) warns against consuming cheerios and claims that the levels of glyphosate continue to be high in cheerios.

What exactly is glyphosate?

Glyphosate is a weed killer that is used in corn or soybeans. It works as a weed killer and is also sprayed on oats. Glyphosate when sprayed onto plants, immediately kills the plants which can help in harvesting the crop sooner. The unit for glyphosate is parts per billion (ppb). 

Can cheerios cause cancer?

Glyphosate content is not provided in the packet of cheerios so you would not find them there. The benchmark for glyphosate has been set as 160 ppb by them.

The study conducted by EWG agrees with the fact that cheerios can cause cancer. The study was conducted by the scientists in EWG in 2019. A few products with their glyphosate content are provided below.

Type of productGlyphosate content (ppb)
Honey nut cheerios149 
Cheerios toasted whole-grain oat cereal729
Honey nut cheerios medley crunch833
Chocolate peanut butter cheerios400
Multigrain cheerios216

The majority of the cheerios products had glyphosate levels way above the safer limit. The Environmental Protection Agency though conflicts with this claim and stated that the carcinogens present in cheerios are not likely to be human carcinogens.

According to some scientists as well, when glyphosate enters the body through food products like cheerios or oats, it is quickly excreted from the body through urine or feces.

As a result, there have been conflicting reports found on whether cheerios can cause cancer or not.

General mills that produce cheerios had assured in 2019 that they were looking for safer and alternative ways of protecting their crops instead of using Glyphosate. 

Also, according to them the glyphosate levels in their food products are well within the safety limits set by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Do cheerios contain a lot of sugar?

Honey nut cheerios contain a higher amount of sugar compared to regular cheerios. The average sugar per serving for all products of cheerios was 7.92 gms per cup. The majority of the cheerios products though had higher sugar content to be considered as heart-healthy.

So it is better to consume a regular packet of cheerios over the sugar ones like honey nut cheerios.

Do cheerios contain fiber?

It is important to note that cheerios are processed food. The grains undergo processing because of which the benefits from consuming unprocessed natural whole grains would be different from consuming processed whole grains.

The soluble fiber was found only in Yogurt Cheerios, regular Cheerios, and honey-nut Cheerios. The insoluble fiber was found in Regular cheerios, Cinnamon burst, Multi-grain cheerios, and Multi-grain Cheerios peanut butter only.

Do cheerios contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)?

If the foods are not certified as organic or Non-GMO, they would most probably contain GMOs. Soy, sugar, beets, cotton, and corn are most likely to be genetically modified. Cheerios contain corn products that are more likely to be genetically modified.

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Are there any health benefits from consuming cheerios?

Cheerios are prepared from corn starch, whole grain oats, sugar, salt, vitamin E, and tripotassium phosphate. Tripotassium phosphate is added to improve the taste of the food. 

Cheerios are fortified with a wide variety of nutrients like fiber, calcium, zinc, vitamin C, and iron. It is also low in fat and does not contain any artificial flavorings because of which you need not worry about increasing bad cholesterol levels in your body. 

Babies who are learning to chew foods are provided with cheerios after the age of nine months.

Even though cheerios contain all these nutrients, it is better to consume them from natural foods. It is better to not consume them daily and you can have them once in a while.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “Are cheerios safe to eat in 2022?” as well as the risks and benefits of consuming cheerios.