Are black bananas good for you? (+5 uses)

In this brief guide, we will answer “are black bananas good for you?” and discuss how to prevent your bananas from getting black center syndrome, what color of banana is the healthiest to eat, what are the health benefits of eating spotted bananas and how you can use your over ripe bananas.

Are black bananas good for you?

Yes, black bananas are good for you to eat. They are just over ripe bananas that are very nutritious and enriched with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 

But if you peel a normal looking banana and find it black and hard from the centre, throw it away. It is not safe for you to eat. This might be the “black center syndrome”.

How to prevent your bananas from getting black centre syndrome?

Black center syndrome can be caused by a fungal infection or when bananas get damaged or crushed due to rough handling of banana crates during shipping.

Here are some ways you can follow to prevent your bananas go black- centered:

  • Make sure your banana plants are getting all the nutrients they need in sufficient amount
  • When bananas start turning into yellow, try not to drop them
  • Store your bananas in a paper bag during ripening process
  • Use aluminum foil to wrap your bananas, so they can ripen consistently
  • Make sure all of your bananas are getting ethylene gas in equal amounts. This gas promotes fruit ripening. 
  • Try to keep your bananas at a medium and constant temperature, do not fluctuate it.

What color of banana is the healthiest to eat?

Choosing the right color of banana to eat is not very difficult. If you want to consume bananas immediately, go with yellow bananas. Do not hesitate when you see brown or black spots on their skin, they are just over ripe, very sweet and nutritious bananas.

If you have plans to consume bananas after one or two weeks, go with green bananas. They will ripen during this time without rotting. 

If you are a diabetic patient or don’t like much sugars, then go with the green bananas as they have less amount of sugar and a high amount of resistant starch that helps you to keep a check on your sugar levels.

When should you not eat a banana?

When a banana has a hard and black center, do not eat it. 

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How to use old bananas?

Here are some ideas to use your old, over ripe bananas:

  1. Make some banana breads, caramel banana cake, banana chocolate pudding cake, banana pancake, muffins, banana zucchini pudding cake, and banana fritters.
  1. Freeze your old bananas after peeling and cutting them, and when your kids want some ice cream, blend some of the frozen bananas until they turn into a soft, creamy dish. You can mix it up with some peanut butter or chocolate syrup.
  1. Make a wonderful chocolate chip- banana milkshake with peanut butter
  1. Have some chocolate pudding with banana, peanut butter and avocado, or caramel pudding with coconut and bananas
  1. Mix some bananas with oatmeal and bake gluten free, healthy cookies. Or simply have your oatmeal with chopped bananas in it. 

What are the health benefits of eating brown- skinned bananas?

Here are some health benefits you can get from eating brown bananas:

  • Spotted bananas are easy to digest, they work as antacids to relieve heartburn, and if you have stomach ulcers, they also help to soothe it by coating the stomach lining and preventing acid aggravation 
  • Old bananas have a special compound called TNF (tumor necrosis factor) that prevents you from developing cancer
  • Potassium in bananas help you to regulate your blood pressure levels and keep your heart healthy
  • Eating bananas calm your aching muscles, make your depression go away and help you to have a good night sleep
  • Eating spotty bananas helps you to get rid of constipation, prevents blood anemia, reduces PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms and gives you an instant energy boost. 


In this brief guide, we answered “are black bananas good for you?” and discussed how to prevent your bananas from getting black center syndrome, what color of banana is the healthiest to eat, health benefits of spotted bananas and 5 ways to use your over ripe bananas.