Are bendy carrots bad? (+7 recipes to use)

In this brief guide, we will answer “are bendy carrots bad?” and discuss how to tell if your carrots have gone bad, for how long can carrots last, how to properly store your carrots, and how to use carrots when they go limp. 

Are bendy carrots bad?

No, bendy or soft carrots are not bad for you to eat. Bendy carrots are dehydrated carrots and you can eat them raw but their taste will be unpleasant.

How to tell if your carrots have gone bad?

There are three to four ways to check whether your carrots have gone bad or not.

  1. Check for the appearance 

If your carrots have become slimy or moldy and certain white spots or black dots have started to appear on them, they are no longer safe for you to eat. If these spots are on just some parts of the carrots, you can cut that part and use the rest. 

White spots are probably because of dehydration while black spots are indication of fungal black rot disease. Sometimes these block dots can be simply dirt so you can use these carrots after washing or cutting off the spots.

  1. Check for the odor  

Fresh carrots don’t give any particular smell but if your carrots are giving an odd and strong odor, do not eat them. This odor is probably because of bacterial growth

  1. Check for the stiffness

A fresh carrot is stiff and crunchy but if your carrots have become soft or bendy, it means that they have started to rot. You cannot eat them raw, however, they can be used in such dishes that require soft carrots

If you soak these bendy carrots in water, there is a chance to recover their stiffness. Because carrots get bendy when their water content is evaporated. 

  1. Check expiry date

If you have bought packed carrots from a store, check for the expiry date mentioned on the pack. Always make sure to buy carrots that can stay fresh longer.

For how long can carrots last?

If you put your carrots in the pantry, they will last for 4 to 7 days. Baby carrots last for 3 to 4 weeks. While in a fridge carrots can last longer, from one month up to one year, depending upon your method of storage. 

How to properly store your carrots?

The best way to store your carrots is by refrigerating them. Don’t forget to cut the green parts of carrots because it pulls the moisture and causes dehydration. But if you want to use this green part, store them in a pack of damp paper towels.

You can keep your carrots crispy by removing their green parts and putting them in the refrigerator in a water container. You can use this method to store packaged baby carrots.

Keep your carrots away from apples or bananas in a fridge because these fruits produce ethylene gas which fastens the ripening of the fruits or veggies. 

How to prepare carrots for freezing?

It is inappropriate to freeze fresh and whole carrots so, try the following method to prepare your carrots to freeze and store them for a longer period of time (even 1 year):

  • Cut your carrots in whatever shape or size you like
  • Blanch them for 2- 3 min in boiling water, it slows down the decaying process
  • Put them directly in an ice-pack, it quickly stops the cooking process
  • Pat them dry, put them into tinfoils and then an airtight container, tinfoils protect carrots from freezer burn.

To defrost your carrots, thaw them in a cold water bowl, or you can directly put them into your dish while cooking.

If you want your carrots to last another week in your refrigerator, try this: 

  • Do not wash the carrots, as little soil on them will delay the rotting process
  • Sun- dry for at least few hours
  • Cut the green parts
  • Pack them into storage bags and put some holes for air circulation
  • Put a damp paper towel inside a corner of fridge drawer

Can I store cooked carrots?

Yes, you can store your cooked carrots inside the refrigerator by packing them in an airtight bag. 

Can I store baby carrots?

Yes, you can store baby carrots and the best method to do so is to put them in the refrigerator in a plastic bag. 

How to use carrots when they go soft?

Here is a list of 7 delicious recipes you can try to use your limpy carrots if you do not want to throw them away:

  1. Carrot cake or carrot cake cookies
  2. Carrot and miso dip or mexican carrot dip (if you prefer mexican flavors)
  3. Carrot and apple salad
  4. Pickled carrots
  5. Hidden veggie mac and cheese
  6. Golden shepherd’s pie
  7. Carrot, coconut and red lentil soup

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In this brief guide, we answered “are bendy carrots bad?” and discussed how to tell if your carrots have gone bad, for how long can carrots last, how to properly store your carrots, and 7 recipes to use bendy carrots. 



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