are all pyrex oven-safe?

In this article, we will answer the question “Are all Pyrex oven-safe?” 

 Are all pyrex oven-safe? 

Yes, all Pyrex are oven-safe and can be used to bake and cook in the oven. There are still many safety measures you will need to follow when using Pyrex as sometimes it can break in the oven. Below are the reasons why

Why does Pyrex break in the oven?  

According to their website, extreme temperature changes, uneven heating, and direct contact with the heat source can cause damage to Pyrex. Sudden changes in temperature can lead to crack in the Pyrex thus forever damaging it. Furthermore, thermal shock can also lead to breakage. 

What is Pyrex made up of?  

Before 1998, Pyrex was made up of Borosilicate which is heat resistant, thermal shock resistant, and chemical resistant. However, after 1998 Soda-lime glass was used to make Pyrex which has lower resistance to extreme temperature changes.    

Is Pyrex Broiler safe? 

No, Pyrex is not Broiler safe as contact with direct flames can cause breakage. 

Is Pyrex Microwave safe?

Yes, they are microwave safe but dry food should not be reheated ad it can cause breakage due to sudden temperature change.

Oven-safe Temperatures for Pyrex 

Pyrex can endure temperatures ranging from 446 °F  to 914 °F. It should not be put in temperatures higher than these. 

How to prevent damage? 

  • By adding liquid to the surface of the Pyrex, will prevent the hot glass from having direct contact with cool liquid which might be released while cooking
  • When taking the Pyrex out of the oven use gloves or mittens to avoid any injury or burns
  • To avoid thermal shock, wait for Pyrex to fully cool down before putting it into the fridge, freezer, or dishwasher 
  • Do not use already cracked Pyrex as it can lead to further damage and even a hazard 
  • Empty Pyrex should not be heated in the oven 
  •  Do not use a lid on the Pyrex
  • Do not put Pyrex directly on the stove  


In this article, we answered the question “Are all Pyrex oven-safe?” and discussed all the safety measures you should take while using Pyrex.