Are all glass bowls oven-safe?

In this article, we will answer the question “Are all glass bowls oven-safe?” 

Are all glass bowls oven-safe? 

No, not all glass bowls are oven-safe. Only the bowls that are labeled as oven-safe or have been tempered can be put into the oven. Most oven-safe glass bowls also have an optimum temperature they can endure. Read on if you want to know what kind of glass bowls are oven-safe and which aren’t. 

What is Tempered Glass?  

Tempered glass is heat-resistant glass that is made by heating the glass intensely and then cooling it down quickly. Tempered glass is more stronger and durable than regular glass. There are multiple ways to identify if the glass is tempered or not. 

Types of Tempered Glass used in bakeware 

There are two types of tempered glass. Soda-lime and Borosilicate, there are several differences between them both in terms of their manufacturing process and their uses 

Soda-lime Glass 

Also known as ‘Window Glass’, this type of glass is mostly used for cookware and due to it being the least expensive type it is now used in the USA to make Pyrex. It is also used for glass containers. If dropped Soda-lime glass is less likely to break however cannot endure extreme temperature changes. The shards are small and without any sharp edges thus resulting in fewer injuries. 


This type of glass is used for lab equipment as it offers high chemical resistance. While Borosilicate glass is less prone to damage and breakage caused by temperature changes compared to Soda-lime, it is more fragile in structure and can easily break when dropped. The shards are also larger and sharper. 

Glass Bowls that are Oven-safe 

The glass bowls mentioned below are oven-safe.

Ceramic Bowls 

Ceramic Bowls are oven-safe and can handle high-temperature changes and thermal shocks. They can endure temperature ranging from 1,000 °C to 1,600 °C (1,800 °F to 3,000 °F). 

Pyrex Bowls 

 Pyrex bowls are heat-resistant and can even endure extreme temperature changes 

Glass Bowls that are not Oven-safe 

The drinking glass is not oven-safe hence it should not be put in the oven. The lids of glass bowls are also not oven-safe as they are made up of plastic or silicon.

At What Temperature does a Glass Bowl crack?

While Ceramic bowls can tolerate temperature above 350°F, other glass bakeware cannot. 


The following precautions should be taken when using glass bowls in the oven

  • Make sure the glass bowl you are using is either tempered or labeled oven-safe.
  • Do not change temperatures quickly as glass cookware cannot endure extreme temperature changes.
  • Use gloves when taking the glass bowls out of the oven. 
  • Do not place glass bowls on the broiler.
  • Let the glass bowls cool completely before washing them.


In this article, we answer the question “Are all glass bowls oven-safe?” and thoroughly discussed the types of glass bowls.