Are all Calphalon pans oven-safe?

In this article, we will answer the question “Are all Calphalon pans oven-safe?”  and what precautions must be taken while using them. 

Are all Calphalon pans oven-safe?

Yes, calphalon pans are oven safe but different collections have different oven-safe temperatures. As the calphalon cookware collection ranges from The Premier to the Tri-Ply so do their oven-safe temperatures from 400°F to 500°F, meaning the pan is safe to put in the oven as long as the temperature is below 500°F. However, within the same collection, the temperature ranges wary for Stainless Steel and Non-stick.

Oven-safe Temperatures for the Stainless Steel Collection

The Simply Calphalon and Select by Calphalon both have 400°F as their oven-safe temperature while Calphalon Premier and Calphalon Classic can handle up to 450°F whereas Calphalon Signature is safe in temperature below 500°F.

Oven-safe Temperatures for Non-stick Collection

Calphalon Premier, Calphalon Contemporary, Calphalon Classic can withstand temperatures as high as 450°F while Select by Calphalon and Simply Calphalon are oven-safe at 400°F.

Precautions to take while using Calphalon pans in the oven

Even though Calphalon pans are safe to put in the oven, some precautions must be taken in order to avoid damage to the cookware and injury.  


Pans that can endure certain temperatures should not be overheated above that specific temperature as this can lead the pans to lose their non-stick qualities and can cause permanent damage to its appearance.


Non-stick pans should not be put under the broiler. The non-stick fragile coating cannot endure the flames hence when exposed to these flames the coating wears off and harmful fumes are produced. Simply Calphalon and Select by Calphalon in the Stainless Steel collection are only exceptions but when used without their lids.   


Most Calphalon glass lids can withstand temperatures as high as 450°F however lids in some collections like the Simply Calphalon and Select by Calphalon have lower oven-safe temperature because their handles are covered in silicon. The lids are not broiler safe either.

Fluctuation in Temperature

Calphalon pans cannot tolerate extreme changes in temperatures so they shall be avoided.


Protective measures shall be taken while handling the pans. When taking out of the oven gloves should be used to avoid any injury. 


In this guide, we answered the questions “Are all Calphalon pans oven-safe?” and explained all the important precautions that must be taken while using them. 


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