Are all bird eggs edible?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “are all bird eggs edible?” and discuss different types of edible bird eggs, what is the best way to eat an egg, how many calories can you get from an egg, do they all taste the same and what are their health benefits.

Are all bird eggs edible?

No, Not all bird eggs are edible. There are some poisonous bird species, Hooded Pitohui and Ifrita Kowaldi in Papua New Guinea, which have toxins in their skin and feathers, and their eggs might be poisonous too, so we cannot eat them.

Bird eggs are considered a valuable food source since prehistoric periods. People used to domesticate different birds like chickens, quail, ostrich just for their eggs. 

Different types of edible bird eggs

  • Chicken eggs
  • Turkey eggs
  • Quail eggs
  • Duck eggs
  • Goose eggs
  • Pheasant eggs
  • Emu eggs
  • Ostrich eggs
  • Bantam eggs
  • Gull eggs
  • Sturgeon eggs

What is the best way to eat an egg?

There are different ways to eat an egg. A chicken egg is eaten in many forms, for example, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, fried, poached, scrambled, pickled, omelettes and quiche. 

A fertilized duck egg is called “balut” and it is eaten raw as well as boiled, depending upon the tradition. A good balut, usually boiled for 30 min, has the duck embryo wrapped in a white film and you can just put the whole thing in your mouth. 

Some bakers prefer duck eggs for cake baking as they enhance the yellow color because of their large yolk. 

You can roast an egg on an open fire but it takes a lot of training. Chicken eggs can take about 10 minutes to roast, goose eggs take about 20 min and quail eggs can be cooked in 4 min. 

Goose eggs make delicious egg custard. 

Eggs are used in different kinds of baked goods, sausages, and desserts. Sometimes eggshells are also used as food additives. 

How many calories can you get from an egg?

If you eat a small egg, it can give up to 54 calories. Different bird eggs contain different amount of calories, for example,

  • Quail egg = 14 cal
  • Guinea hen egg = 45 cal
  • Sturgeon egg = 75 cal
  • Duck egg = 130 cal
  • Emu egg = 134 cal
  • Pheasant egg = 135 cal
  • Gull egg = 139 cal
  • Turkey egg = 171 cal
  • Goose egg = 267 cal
  • Ostrich egg = 2000 cal

How to tell if an egg is ready to eat?

Eggs can be eaten at any stage of development, it depends upon how you like them to eat.

You can check their state of development by doing a simple test. When you put them in a light or a candle, you can see if the embryo has started to develop or not. A fresh egg will be clear but if you see reddish brown areas, it means the development has started, and if you see a dark egg, it means that the embryo has fully grown. But this technique only works for eggs that are translucent.

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Do all bird eggs taste the same?

No, they do not. All bird eggs can have different flavors based on the bird’s diet. They can also be soaked into different mixtures to get varieties of flavor, for example, tea eggs. 

When a bird is given fresh green food, the flavor of its egg becomes richer. 

What health benefits can you get by eating an egg?

From proteins to fats to vitamins, eggs are very beneficial for your health. They are an enriched source of proteins, fats, calcium, zinc, vitamin D, Vit B complex, iron, and choline etc. 

Eggs can help you enhance your brain functions, prevent heart diseases and anemia, build and repair muscles, and grow strong hair and nails. 

Tip: Take eggs and tomatoes with you when you go camping in some deserted place because they can give you all the nutrition and calories you need to stay healthy.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “are all bird eggs edible?” and discussed different types of edible bird eggs, what is the best way to eat an egg, how many calories can you get, how to tell if an egg is ready to eat, and what health benefits they provide.


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