Are 3 musketeers vegan?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “Are 3 musketeers vegan?” and will discuss how to make vegan 3 musketeers bars.

Are 3 musketeers vegan?

No, 3 musketeers are not vegan. They are not vegan because the filling and chocolate coating both include milk and eggs.

What are the 3 musketeers?

3 Musketeers is a candy bar manufactured by Mars, Inc. in the United States and Canada. Chocolate-covered, frothy, whipped mousse is the main ingredient in this confectionery treat. Compared to the worldwide Milky Way bar, it is a lighter chocolate bar with a caramel coating that is smaller and without the caramel.

 In 1932, M&M/Mars debuted the 3 Musketeers Bar, the company’s third product line. Because the name inspired Alexandre Dumas’s book The Three Musketeers, the original three-piece packaging included chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla-flavored treats.

A whipped mousse is encased in milk chocolate for the confectionery. Enrobing is a procedure where the nougat chocolate core passes through a continuous flowing vertical “sheet” of milk chocolate, while a spinning, chocolate-coated wheel underneath the mesh belt coats the base of the bar at the same time as the center passes through it. After cooling, the bar is ready to be wrapped.

You begin by beating egg whites until they are light and foamy. After solidifying the froth with sugar syrup, the “frappé” is formed. The frappé may then be flavored with other ingredients.

Vegan 3 musketeers’ recipe


Whole fat coconut milk

You’ll need a 15-ounce can of full-fat coconut milk, coconut cream, or Nature’s Charm Coconut Whipping Cream.

Maca powder

Make your food taste like healthy malted barley by using maca powder. It will also boost your energy levels.

Dairy-Free Chocolate Chips

You may choose from a wide variety of them!

Coconut oil

If you like a more neutral taste, use refined coconut oil.


First step: Make the Whipped Middle

Set aside a dish of melted chocolate chips to cool. Coconut milk should now be whipped up, following the instructions in the recipe below or my previous article on Coconut Whipped Topping. Take your time and be patient. A high-speed whipping might take anywhere from 4 to 5 minutes, depending on the consistency.

Coco Whip, a commercially available vegan whipped cream, may entice you. As soon as it’s thawed out from the freezer, it becomes too fluid to use in this recipe.

To complete the process, add the melted chocolate and maca powder and continue beating for another 30 to 60 seconds. If you don’t want to use maca powder, feel free to skip it.

Step Two: Melt Dipping Chocolate

Pour the beaten chocolate mixture into the pan and spread it out evenly. To ensure that all of the fluffy deliciousness is distributed evenly around the pan, use a spatula. For around 30 minutes, put the chocolate mixture in the freezer. Afterward, remove the chocolate mixture from the pan, slice it into squares, and freeze for another 30 minutes.

Using a double boiler, heat some chocolate chips. In a microwave-safe dish, combine the remaining chocolate chips and coconut oil and mix until smooth. Bake the final candy bar on a wax paper-lined baking sheet, then dip frozen chocolate pieces into a melting chocolate chip mixture.

To harden the chocolate, put the final candy bar tray in the freezer for a few minutes. Store in a freezer bag or container in the freezer after they’ve been frozen. These should remain fresh for at least two months after being packaged. Before consuming, let the frozen sweets thaw out a little.

Recipe of Raw Mini Three Musketeers Bars


 For the Filling:

·         1 cup raw coconut butter

·         3/4 cup water

·         1/2 cup raw coconut nectar

·         3 tablespoons raw cacao powder

·         1/4 teaspoon sea salt

·         1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

For the Raw Chocolate Coating:

·         2 tablespoons raw coconut nectar

·         3/4 cup raw cacao powder

·         A pinch of sea salt

·         3/4 cup raw coconut oil


·         Blend the filling ingredients in a high-speed blender until they are completely smooth. To serve, spoon out the mixture from the blender and into a bowl.

·         Allow the mixture to cool in the freezer until it reaches the consistency of thick whipped cream, then remove it (it will take about 30-45 minutes depending on how warm it was). Once it’s cooled down, you’ll want to whisk it every 15 minutes or so.

·         Scoop out onto a foil-lined sheet and spread into a 1-inch-thick square using an offset spatula. For an hour, put it in the freezer.

·         Meanwhile, in a separate dish, combine the chocolate ingredients. The squares should be cut when the filling has cooled and firmed up.

·         Set on a fork and dip into the chocolate, allowing the excess to drip out, then return to the foil. Repeat this process with the rest of the candies. Then, if wanted, sprinkle the chocolates with the remaining chocolate using a pastry bag.

·         Put them all in the freezer for five minutes to harden the chocolate, then remove them and enjoy! Refrigerate any extras you may have.

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In this brief guide, we answered the query, “Are 3 musketeers vegan?” and discussed how to make vegan 3 musketeers bars.


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