Accidentally bought whole coffee beans: how to grind them at home?

In this brief text we will answer the question: “Accidentally bought whole coffee beans: how to grind them at home?”. In addition, we will show you how to grindr grinder in a blender and how to grind coffee for the french press.

Accidentally bought whole coffee beans: how to grind them at home?

If you accidentally bought coffee beans instead of ground coffee and you don’t have a coffee grinder, you can use a blender, food processor or mixer to grind your coffee beans. In addition, you can manually grind it using a pestle.

Among the electrical equipment, the blender is the most recommended for grinding coffee beans, both for the container and for its power and functions such as pulsating. If you use the mixer to grind, don’t forget to cover the container with your hand so that the beans don’t jump out.

The grinding process is similar on all devices. Add small amounts of grain and grind for 2 to 5 seconds, taking breaks. In this way, the grain will not be roasted by the heat generated by the friction of the utensil. The process should take about 1 to 2 minutes.

There are two very simple techniques for grinding coffee beans by hand. The first, with a rolling pin and an airtight bag, and the second, with a pestle and mortar. As with electrical appliances, it is important to grind the beans little by little, as this guarantees the quality of the grinding.

For the first technique, place the beans in the airtight bag and pass the roller over the top to break the husk. Once broken, apply a little more pressure to grind the beans.

For the second technique, grind 10 to 15 grams at a time. Just like the mixer, use your hand to cover the container and prevent the beans from jumping out. Crack the shell and then apply more pressure to grind.

How to grind coffee in a blender?

What to do when you hit that urge to have that coffee with a freshly ground bean and you don’t have a bean grinder close by? In that case you can use a blender and it is very easy.

Check out the step-by-step guide on how to grind coffee beans using the blender below:

  1. For the preparation you will need a blender and the amount of beans needed for the coffee, nothing more, because to maintain the aroma and freshness of the coffee, the beans need to be ground at the time of preparation
  1. Leave the blender sanitized, put a small amount of grains in the blender – if you need more grains, you can repeat the step – and blend for 15 seconds
  1. Turn off the blender and shake the blender jar to loosen the beans

Note: if necessary, blend it for another 15 seconds and repeat the above process until you reach the desired grinding point.

How to grind coffee for the french press?

To grind for French press using the processor or blender, you must use the pulse or pulse. For in this way you are grinding slowly. Then sieve using a coarse sieve to separate the fine powder from the coarse powder.

Because even beating the blender or processor slowly, part of the beans are finer than what is allowed for the French press.

If you’re grinding using a hand grinder, you’ll need to adjust the grind to make it coarser. Unfortunately not every manual grinder has this option. When using the French press, it is necessary to have a coarse coffee powder, with beans about the thickness of coarse salt. It’s not hard to do.

How to grind coffee at home?

The only way to perform this ritual correctly and without any problems is to use a specific coffee grinder. Electric or manual, robust or compact, with metal or ceramic rods, whatever. It is logical that you need to choose the model that best meets your expectations, but the key is to have a specific coffee grinder.

Using a pepper, nut or salt grinder can invalidate the whole experience you seek when grinding coffee just before consumption. Likewise, using the coffee grinder to process other products is also not recommended. In both cases, the problem is that shared use leaves residues that change the taste of the drink.

So, knowing that to grind coffee at home you need an exclusive device for this ritual, how about getting to know some models available on the market and the characteristics of each one of them?


As its name suggests, the mechanism consists of turning a crank to grind the grains. Normally, this model processes enough coffee for one cup, with regulation of granulometry. The process takes around 5 minutes, depending on the grinder. This is a cheaper option, but less practical for everyday use.

Simple electric

This model also processes an ideal amount of beans for a cup of coffee. However, work is faster and more convenient, just by pressing a button. Some don’t have granulometry regulation, so processing time tries to compensate for this lack ― the longer you grind, the finer the powder.

Professional electric

This model is not as compact as the first two, however, it offers a high-end grind. It can process more beans at a time, speeding up the preparation of more cups. 

In addition, it does all the work quickly, in a very practical way, and allows several different granulometries, as is the case of the Saeco Professional Tranquilo Ton Negro coffee mill, designed to meet the most demanding methods of preparation!


In this brief text we answered the question: “Accidentally bought whole coffee beans: how to grind them at home?”. In addition, we showed you how to grindr grinder in a blender and how to grind coffee for the french press.


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