A selection of foods that fight sugar cravings

Whether you’re trying to build muscle or you simply want to lose weight, working towards any health and fitness goals can be tough at times, especially if you’re susceptible to sugar cravings. We’ve all been there, right?

In order to combat any sugar cravings, though, there are a number of healthier alternatives that can keep any strong urges to consume sugar at bay. It’s incredibly common for us humans to want sugar at certain times, with up to 97% of women and 68% of men regularly experiencing some type of food craving on occasions, with cravings for sugar being one of the most common. All it takes is the smell of a bakery or a look at a sweet-filled game like Sweet Bonanza and sugar cravings can take over. From there, willpower is immediately tested. Thankfully, if you’re finding it difficult to control yourself during these common hurdles, then there are some healthier foods you can turn to instead. Let’s take a look at some of them below. 

Fruit is a fantastic substitute 

While there is always a temptation to reach for sugary snacks like cookies and milk chocolate, they’re only going to take you off track and hinder any fitness goals. In order to fight off these types of cravings, fruit is a great alternative. Not only is daily fruit consumption recommended anyway, but the natural sweetness of fruit will give you the sweet kick you require. Popular options include grapes and mangoes, although other fruits, such as bananas and strawberries, are also great options. You could even make yourself a bowl of fruit salad, too. 

Dark chocolate is healthier 

Although we’re advised to avoid chocolate altogether, sometimes a balance is needed and people simply want to indulge in some coco-based delights at times. In order to enjoy chocolate in a healthier way, though, then consider trying some dark chocolate. Dark chocolate typically contains more than 70% cocoa, making it a healthier product than its milk chocolate counterpart thanks to the presence of antioxidants and its apparent anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s worth noting that dark chocolate does still contain sugar and fat, though, so moderate consumption is recommended. 

Yogurt is a healthy snack 

When sweet cravings arrive, yogurt is another fantastic sweet treat to tuck into. Also high in protein and extremely rich in calcium, certain yoghurts provide the sweetness people need alongside offering a number of notable nutritional benefits along the way. For example, Greek yogurt is high in protein and can be spruced up fairly easily. The healthiest yoghurts are certainly the products that contain live cultures, with many alternatives containing added sugar and a number of other potentially naughty ingredients. Keep it simple and keep it natural. 

Get to know trail mix 

Purchasable in a number of different stores, trail mix is essentially a combination of both dried fruit and nuts to create a sweet-tasting snack. Nuts are healthy too, with the addition of fruit adding more nutritional value alongside the healthy fats, proteins, fibre and plant compounds that are already present.

Sweet potatoes are delicious 

Not only do sweet potatoes fill us up and offer plenty of nutritional value, but they’re incredibly versatile, too. Also perfectly acceptable to eat with some fish or some meat alongside your health and fitness routine, sweet potatoes can be spruced up with ease to create a really tasty snack. For example, some people add cinnamon to sweet potatoes to create a memorable dish. Additionally, some healthier cake recipes recommend using sweet potato. Of course, cakes aren’t healthy, but a sweet potato dark chocolate cake is a better option than any sugar-filled snack.