7 Wine clubs that deliver to PA 

In this brief article, we will take a look at some of the top wine clubs that deliver to PA and discuss in detail the mentioned clubs.

Wine clubs that deliver to PA

Pennsylvania has a very large chunk of dry wine counties that don’t allow the shipment or sales of alcoholic beverages. However, you can ship to the postal codes that allow the shipment and fall in the wet category. Fortunately, there are some amazing clubs that ship to the region. Most of these clubs source their wine from local producers and small-scale wineries bringing variety and exotic taste to the table. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these top recommendations

  1. Naked Wines
  2. Picked by Wine.com
  3. Winc Personalized Club 
  4. Vinesse Sparkling Club 
  5. California Gold Club 
  6. International Premium Club 
  7. Plonk Wine Club 

Naked Wines 

Originally a UK based start-up that uses the monthly angel investment of users to deliver quality wine in Texas. It is now working in the US and Australia as well. Members can choose any wine to be delivered to their doorstep. There is free delivery on orders above $100. The catalog offers a detailed review of wine so you can make the right choice that is suited for your taste. 


  • Minimal monthly charges 
  • Wide variety of wine collection 
  • 40-60% available discounts 
  • Cancel anytime 

Picked By Wine.com 

Picked by Wine.com is our top recommendation overall. It is especially ideal for those who like to explore different wine types. The best feature is that you get recommendations from your very own sommelier, who picks wine based on your preference. Subscription starts at $120 per month and the average price of the bottle is capped between $20-$40 per month. 


  • Large collection of wine and varietal to choose from 
  • Pauce of cancel anytime you want 
  • Free doorstep delivery 
  • Personal picks according to your taste 

Winc Personalized Club 

Winc Personalized Club offers its customers a customized wine shipment according to personal taste. There is a large variety that you can choose from or let the club pick wine for you based on your preference. One of the best things about Winc personalized club is that cost per bottle is really low. One bottle costs around $13 or up to $35 if you choose from a bit expensive variety. 


  • Handpicked Wines according to your taste 
  • Extremely economical prices 
  • Easy membership 

Vinesse Sparkling Wine Club 

As the name indicates this club is for people that have a very specific taste for sparkling wine. The club deals in bringing all the worldly variety to your doorstep. The membership fees vary with the number of bottles per delivery and frequency of delivery in a year. It can cost between $24-$29 per bottle. 


  • Deals only in the specifics of sparkling wine 
  • Tasting Notes for all variety 

California Gold Club 

If you have got a taste for Boutique Wines in your nearby areas or you want to try a variety of tastes local wineries have to offer, the California Gold Club is perfect for you. It is a branch of the Gold Medal Wine Club that focuses on a boutique variety. The membership can range from $23 to $40 depending on the type of membership you choose and the frequency of deliveries. 


  • Different wine varieties in each shipment 
  • Economical per bottle rate 
  • Efficient delivery 
  • Functional packing 

International Premium Club 

It is the entry-level club for members who want to join the wine of the month at affordable rates. The quality of the Wine is exceptional and the best thing is that you get what you need without compromising your budget. International Premium Club is all about details, thus you get all the information you need about the wineries and clubs. The membership costs around $4 for the delivery of two bottles. 


  • Estate-bottled Wines 
  • Affordable rates 
  • Professional tasting panel for wine selection 
  • Low per bottle price 

Plonk Wine Club 

Plonk is also one of our favourite clubs because of its unique and interesting choice of Wines and regions. Top-quality, delectable taste and easy pricing are always ensured. If you want to try new wines and tastes from across the world, then Plonk Wine Club is among the best ones. 

With only $11 dollars in membership fees, you will enjoy low rates on each bottle and amazing tasty wines. 


  • Wine sourced from across the world 
  • No delivery charges 
  • Each bottle costs around $15-$27 
  • Variety in assortments of red and white wine 


In this brief, we have reviewed some of the wine clubs that operate and deliver in PA State. All of these Wine clubs offer rapid delivery, a large variety of quality wines and pocket-friendly rates.