7 Wine clubs that deliver to Georgia

In this brief guide, we will review some of the renowned Wine Clubs that ship to Georgia and discuss in detail their membership and services. 

Wine clubs that deliver to Georgia

Some of the Wine clubs that deliver to Georgia are:

  • Firstleaf Wine Club
  • International Wine of the Month Club – Premier Series
  • Vinesse Wine Club
  • The California Wine Club – Premier Club
  • Wall Street Journal Wine Club
  • Gold Medal Wine Club – Gold Club
  • Winc Wine Club
  • Vinesse Sparkling Wine Club
  • Plonk Wine Club
  • The California Wine Club – International Series
  • International Wine of the Month Club – Collectors Series
  • Vinesse Light & Sweet Wine Club
  • The California Wine Club – Aged Cabernet Club
  • The California Wine Club – Pacific Northwest
  • Naked Wines Wine Club

Getting wine or any alcoholic beverage to Georgia is an uncomplicated task as there are no dry communities in the state at present. The only restrictions are on the sales of distilled spirit. Several wine clubs and wineries deliver to Georgia. Based on ratings, quality of wine and pricing, we have narrowed down one of the top clubs that ship to Georgia. 

Let’s take a look at these clubs and what they have to offer 

  1. Naked Wines
  2. Picked By Wine.com 
  3. California Premium Club 
  4. Winc Personalized Club 
  5. Vinesse Wine Club 
  6. Firstleaf Wine Club 
  7. International Premium Club 

Naked Wines 

Originally a UK-based start-up that uses the monthly angel investment of users to deliver quality wine in Texas. It is now working in the US and Australia as well. Members can choose any wine to be delivered to their doorstep. There is free delivery on orders above $100. The catalog offers a detailed review of wine so you can make the right choice that is suited for your taste. 


  • Minimal monthly charges 
  • Wide variety of wine collection 
  • 40-60% available discounts 
  • Cancel anytime 

Picked By Wine.com 

Picked by Wine.com is our top recommendation overall. It is especially ideal for those who like to explore different wine types. The best feature is that you get recommendations from your very own sommelier, who picks wine based on your preference. Subscription starts at $120 per month and the average price of the bottle is capped between $20-$40 per month. 


  • Large collection of wine and varietal to choose from 
  • Pauce of cancel anytime you want 
  • Free doorstep delivery 
  • Personal picks according to your taste 

California Premium Club 

California Wine Premium series club is a perfect option if you are looking for budget-friendly options. Premium clubs ensure top-quality wine at an economical price. There are always a lot of ongoing monthly offers and discounts. Moreover, you also get a gift option with which you can send wine as a gift every month or quarterly. Each bottle will cost around $40. Subscription starts at $35 a month. 


  • Large assortment of red and white wines 
  • Quality wine at pocket-friendly rates 
  • Efficient delivery at the doorstep 

Winc Personalized Club 

Winc Personalized Club offers its customers a customized wine shipment according to personal taste. There is a large variety that you can choose from or let the club pick wine for you based on your preference. One of the best things about Winc personalized club is that cost per bottle is really low. One bottle costs around $13 or up to $35 if you choose from a bit expensive variety. 


  • Handpicked Wines according to your taste 
  • Extremely economical prices 
  • Easy membership 

Vinesse Wine Club 

Vinesse Wine Club is another popular club known for its amazing collection of wines at affordable pricing. Let the club know about your wine preferences and they will send you a selection right according to your taste. Moreover, you can also choose the wine you like from their collection. Pricing is $50 or more for eight bottles ( depending on the bottle you choose). 


  • Amazing collection of Wine 
  • Purchase your choice or let the club pick 
  • Free shipping on the first shipment 
  • Perfect pricing 

Firstleaf Wine Club 

Among top clubs, that ship to Texas Firstleaf is another popular name. It is a personalized wine club that sends you a collection of six wines for $40. The clubs ask you to take a personalized quiz based on which pick the collection for you. Moreover, you also get the chance to review each wine for its body, tannins level, acidic, and switch to another type if you don’t like the certain characteristics.


  • Fast shipment 
  • Shipping even to the outside of US 
  • Low pricing per bottle 
  • Easy signup and membership 

International Premium Club 

It is the entry-level club for members who want to join the wine of the month at affordable rates. The quality of the Wine is exceptional and the best thing is that you get what you need without compromising your budget. International Premium Club is all about details, thus you get all the information you need about the wineries and clubs. The membership costs around $4 for the delivery of two bottles. 


  • Estate-bottled Wines 
  • Affordable rates 
  • Professional tasting panel for wine selection 
  • Low per bottle price 


In this brief guide, we have discussed some of the best Wine Clubs that ship to Georgia. All these clubs offer an assortment of quality wine at a minimal subscription fee. 



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