2 cloves of garlic are how many teaspoons?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “2 cloves of garlic are how many teaspoons?” how to powder garlic, tips to powder them, and whether a dehydrator can be used instead of an oven to prepare garlic powder.

2 cloves of garlic are how many teaspoons?

2 cloves of garlic would be equal to 2 teaspoons.1 clove of garlic would provide around 1 teaspoon of garlic.

3 cloves of minced garlic can also provide 1 tbsp of garlic. 6 garlic cloves can provide 2 tbsp of garlic. If you wish to obtain ¼ cup of garlic, it would be better to use 11-12 cloves of garlic.

How much garlic powder would equal a clove?

Garlic powder can be used as a substitute for many garlic-based dishes. ⅛ tsp of garlic powder would be equivalent to a single clove of garlic.

How many cloves would a garlic head have?

A garlic head would have 10-12 cloves though the number of cloves present in a garlic head would differ based on the type and size of the garlic.

How to powder garlic?

If you wish to powder garlic, follow the process given below.

For powdering garlic, the following types of equipment would be required:

  • Dehydrator
  • Blender
  • Airtight container for storing the powder


  • Peel the garlic and slice it small.
  • Place a baking sheet over which place the garlic pieces. 
  • Place the garlic pieces in a dehydrator to dry them. Avoid overlapping the pieces of garlic. It is recommended to chop the garlic pieces before you place them in the dehydrator.
  • In a dehydrator, dry the garlic for 100 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The garlic pieces should appear a little bit crispy after drying them.
  • After drying the garlic, place them in a blender and blend them. Blend the garlic pieces till you obtain fine garlic powder. Try to avoid using a food processor to convert the garlic into powder as the garlic can turn sticky.
  • Using a strainer, strain the garlic powder to remove the impurities present in them if any. If you still find some hard pieces of garlic, return to the blender and blend them again.
  • Store the powder in an airtight container. It would last for almost a year.

What type of garlic can be used to prepare garlic powder?

Garlic powder can be prepared using any kind of garlic. You can also use aged garlic or fresher ones. 

If you have green garlic, it would be wiser to convert them into powder. This is because the green garlic does not have a much longer shelf-life. If you convert them into powder form, they would last much longer.

The stalk of the green garlic is also softer which makes them easier to be crushed into a powder form.

Can I use an oven instead of a food dehydrator?

You can use an oven instead of a food dehydrator to dry the garlic but it might prove to be a little difficult. Firstly, if you are using an oven, you would have to occasionally check in on the garlic cloves.

If you dry the garlic cloves in an oven, there is an increased risk of the cloves getting burnt. So you have to be very careful.

Using a dehydrator can also help in saving the nutritional value of garlic. This is because in an oven the garlic is exposed to higher temperatures which can cause a reduction in the nutritional value of garlic.

If you are drying the garlic in an oven, place the garlic at a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You would have to keep checking the garlic pieces and respreading them to avoid them from being burnt.

What are some tips to use in mind while preparing garlic powder?

  • Removing the garlic peels can be torture for your fingers as you would have to keep removing many peels. For this purpose, it is recommended to use hand gloves.

This can prevent your hands from smelling like garlic and also save your hands especially if you have sensitive skin.

  • You can peel the garlic under running water to ease the peeling process.
  • You can gently crush the garlic cloves using a knife to remove the peels. Over over-crushing or literally smashing them!
  • Slice the garlic in ⅛ inches thick. If the garlic contains stems, you can slice them in thinner slices as well.
  • Avoid overlapping the garlic pieces while placing them in the dehydrator. Their side can definitely touch each other a bit.

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In this brief article, we have answered the question, “2 cloves of garlic are how many teaspoons?” how to powder garlic, tips to powder them, and whether a dehydrator can be used instead of an oven to prepare garlic powder.